Can India be a developed nation till 2020?

May 29, 2007

As we all know our respected and beloved president “Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam” is has a dream that “India will be among the developed nation of world till 2020”. Is it possible to achieve this goal by 2020 considering the current condition of country, which is already fighting a war against a host of problems internally as well as externally?

Here, in this article, I have tried to analyze some major pros & cons related to this topic.

As in the past some one had said that “India is the country of villages” or “Bharat gaonv me basta hai”.

This is true in today’s aspect also because in India most of the people (about 60% of nation’s population) are living in villages. In those villages people are unable to fulfill their basic needs of life such as “Roti kapda aur makan”. In those villages youth is unemployed, they follow unhygienic activities, which leads to serious health hazards, youth is turning towards crime because of unemployment, literacy is less, and most of the families are below poverty line. In such circumstances it is very difficult for India to become a developed nation till 2020.

Another major problem in the development of country is terrorism. Every border of our country is facing this ugly problem. In the north, Jammu & Kashmir has the biggest terrorism problem in the form of “Indo-Pak issue”. If we talk about south, Andhra-Pradesh is facing the problem with “People’s War Group”. In the east, Assam has its own problem against the “Ulfa-militants” and in the west, Mumbai, the Industrial capital of India is at the center of terrorist attacks. These terrorist groups usually destroy the in-built infracture and manpower of the country. Until and unless any country finds permanent solutions to these problems, it is very difficult for that country to become a developed nation.

The next problem in development of India is corruption. Although India is not the most corrupt nation in the world but the roots of corruption in India are so deep that it is the biggest obstacle to overcome for the development of nation. Particularly in the fields of “Politics” and “Government Sector”, corruption is widespread. In fact, today very few government schemes, which are for public welfare, complete successfully. The common man has to visit at least two to three times for getting a single signature in a government office.

Another problem in the development of nation is poverty. The unequal distribution of money in the country, unemployment and lack of entrepreneurship skills particularly in the youth are the major cause of poverty. In India many families are below poverty line with daily income of less then 1$(i.e. less then 45 rupees) and still we talk about globalization. How can a man, who doesn’t have sufficient money for his next day’s meals, contribute in the development of nation.

One more problem in the way of the development of nation is our politics. Most of the politicians are highly corrupt and their main aim is to earn money from the government funds for their personal uses. The political parties are having good contacts with criminals; they are illegally raising funds for there election campaigns and very huge amount of money is spent every time on such campaigns. The one and only aim of these political parties is to remain in power at any cost. Since last few decades, India has had only two major & nation wide political parties so the people are compelled to choose between those two parties only. There is no alternative available for the people and every time they get it wrong, in the form of an unsatisfactory government.

The major issue, which can contribute highly in the development of nation, is our educational system. The percentage of literacy in our country is less, compared to other developed nations. There are a large number of students who start their education at the primary level but are unable to complete SSLC/PUC due to many financial, social and physical reasons. In India, “tuitions” are having a large impact right from the primary level itself. This is very serious and shameful thing for our educational system.

Apart from the above-mentioned major problems, there are also some other problems like lack of power/energy resources, lack of in-fractures, castisam, communal rights and many more…………………

But, India also has some strengths to its name.

The most dominating technology in today’s scenario is “Information Technology” and because of its highly intellectual minds, India is dominating throughout the world in this particular technology. The revenue/profits of the India-based software companies are in thousands of corers and they are able to squeeze a lot of foreign money from international market. So they are contributing greatly in the development of nation.

Another major strength for India is its man power as India is the second most populated country of the world. If we consider Uttar-Pradesh as a separate country, then it will become the world’s sixth most populated country very next to China, India, United States, Indonesia and Brazil. So India’s huge population can occupy any big industry which requires a large number of people.

So to conclude, we can say that there are many hurdles for India to become a developed nation till 2020, but India also has its own strengths. As no body can foresee the future, so let’s wait & watch and contribute greatly in the development of our nation.

One more thing I want to say to all the professional students is that they are having a major responsibility to make India a developed country (like Engineers are called the builders of the nation). So please try hard to convert our president’s dream to reality.


Written By: Raghav Garg, AIET, Gulbarga


43 Responses to “Can India be a developed nation till 2020?”

  1. Imran Says:

    I think it is hard to make Developed nation.

  2. Neethu Says:

    uve done a gudwork brother…uve splet out xactly dat was in my mind…but i still have a doubt…wen can v xpect india 2 stand among the league of developed nations?????

  3. Vinaypal Singh Says:

    you have written everything perfectly,but still we can be a developed country till 2020.Just everyone of us have to contribute in it.We have to change the mentalities of the people.We all have to work genuinly in all of our fields,and we have the support of 100 plus crore peoples. just ignite your mind,thats it.We should have some R&D in our country.Every good brand is from outside world,whether it is T.V,Fridge,Computer,Aeroplanes,motherboard,chips,mobile phones. And in software industry we should develop some products rather doing services,all companys like TCS,INFOSYS,WIPRO,SATYAM are doing services only.

  4. Pradeep B Says:

    Good Work. Its exactly what i was wondering. India to become a developed country till 2020 is highly probable, but not impossible. Its every nationalist’s dream. But how many TRUE nationalists we have in our country? The meaning of word Nationalist is used among mass only during Cricket,religion,region and War. But few understands that there lies individual responsibilty for our society. Its even me till yesterday, but when i visited Europe, i spent a a great deal of my time to discover the fact what makes these US and European nations to stand in Top 20 of well developed nations. I belive we first need DISCIPLINE.
    “True discipline gives enthusiastic obedience to instructions even though they don not satisfy the reason” –Mohandas K. Gandhi

  5. Ajesh Says:

    Good initiative. Your optimism is highly regarded. If a lot of us think positively just like you, we are already on track to achieve it.

    I echo Pradeep B’s views. A disciplined approach will make our goals come nearer.

  6. hema chander Says:

    lets be positive and the development not vests with the nation but with every individual. so lets work to develop ourselves truely for it.

  7. Eugin Jeya Pradeep Says:

    Discipline is the major factor that causes any one to develop. This is true for an individual and also for a country.If discipline is there in each individuals mind surely there would be quality in every areas of life which would improve the standard of the country. Thus this is the major factor for a country to become developed in short span of time. We should concentrate more on this factor

  8. Jai Hind Says:

    As an Indian-American nothing would make me more happier than seeing a strong vibrant India who has emerged as a developed country and truly flexed its musceles. But truth be told I sincerely doubt India will emerge as a world power by 2020. First, POPULATION IS KILLING INDIA. HAVING A HIGH POPULATION IS A DISGRACE AND AS ALONG INDIA CONTINUES WITH ITS EXPONENTIAL POPUlATION GROWTH IT WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER EMERGE AS A WORLD POWER. Think about it EVERY MODERNIZED NATION (U.S, Europe, China, Japan, Austrailia, etc.) HAVE CONTROLLED THEIR POPULATION, India HAS NOT. Second, India’s infastructure is an absolute disgrace. Granted its an emerging nation, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that India has to INVEST IN INFASTRUCTURE IN ORDER TO BECOME A DEVELOPED COUNTRY. HELL, THE CHINESE DID IT AND LOOK WHERE THEY ARE TODAY. Third, India Military and Intelligence is a joke. Look at the Mumbai Bombings, the Parliamentary Bombings, the 1993 Mumbai bombings. They all point to the fact that India MUST MODERNIZE ITS ARMY AND INTELLIGENCE. After 9/11, the U.S invested a ton of money in its intelligence and now there hasn’t been a single terrorist attack in America. If India invests money in its technology and army, I guarantee you that there will be none of this bullshit terrorism in India.

    If India does these three things, I guarantee you that India will become the country it should be and after years of injustice and plundering of wealth emerge as a world power.

    Jai Hind

  9. Senthil Kumar Says:

    The government of China is single party communist, so everyone should adapt to their government orders and no one can able to oppose, but in India so many parties, religious conflicts, caste system plays major role. That should be first removed from the mind of the people.

    Every country has terror attacks, so our government do not spend much more amount in defence and spend it for human development, agriculture and other infrastructures.

    In order to remove corruption, we (people) have to change first, we have to stop giving money for others for our own benefits in some small small things. The rich people thought that they are able to buy anything with money so they have to minimise the use of country’s resources such as food, oil, gas, etc so that it should be utilised by other class of people also. Like Bill Gates Foundation, our industrialists, millionaires should come forward to start a foundation which would improve our growth in all paths. The top most richest Indians names was not present in the top 10 list of tax payers in India. Then how our finance will improve???

    The government should get the food crops from farmers for their fixed rate only, not with government fixed rates. The banks should reduce their interest rates so that unemployed youths and farmers could get the loans easily.

    In order to correct the current politics system, the youngsters should show their interest in Political Science, Economics rather than Engineering or Medicine. And in parallel, our Election Commission put strong rules for election candidates atleast a minimum criteria of 12th standard certificate.

    If this are all happened, India should developed but not in terms of any time frame.

    Jai Hind

  10. Vivek Chand Says:

    I think we people are thinking about the change a lot, we’ve to implement it. We have to be mad over developing India.
    First of all, Let People Vote, jaago re – this is the major chance of India getting in Right Hands, We’ve to make people vote without any fear to the right person, and make their vote count.
    If the First step is done, the remaining is in developing overselves and motivating our environment to do better.
    Terrorists, Rakshashas, Demons or what ever they call those evil people, they r created to balance the Universe. Its by the Law of Universe.
    And also that Change is the Law of Universe, So the Good wins at the end, So Yes We Can develop India by 2020.

    Jai Hind

  11. udhaya Says:

    I go through all those things. i accept it but it is not standard India will became a developed nation in 2020, i am sure about this.

  12. Monisha Says:

    I go through all the above. My part in this is I will surely try my level best and I pray to God also.
    One of the above person had written that “tamilian”.
    Being Indian that too here he is separating our nation.

  13. sakshi Says:

    watever i read is really good…n i agree wid the fact dat if all the ppl of this nation come 2gether..then india will surely become developed.

  14. vishnu Says:


    I Trust the politician does not have that much economic education.
    So only the India is still in developing nation.

    In the 100 rupees only 15 rupees is going to poverty Peoples.

    My suggestion is to we need youngster, Whose who make decision bold and clearly.

    All the MPs and MLAs should always want to be field only like supervisors not
    Stilling in the parliament quarreling with other parties MLAs and MPs

    Any both the parties will be constraint for the good things

    I trust if we give our country to the youngster surly India will be very developed nation in the year of 2014

  15. Fantastic affair, I didn’t thought it was going to be so cool when I looked at your link!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Stop saying all these.. Please do something on your personal front. People read and have a feel good. But nothing changes. Start doing something..

  17. vijay Says:




  18. Prabha Says:

    Hai.. All ur points are acceptable.

  19. Prabha Says:

    I want to see India as a developed nation with self sufficiency in resources, power and technology etc.!

  20. Friendly reminder Says:

    I don’t know whether you have copied this article or somebody else copied from you bu I saw the same article here:


    to saburi

  22. abhilash Says:

    i think India will defenitely be a developed country if corruption is stopped today

  23. Sourabh Says:

    3 basic things to focus on our country are:-
    1) population control
    2) Education
    3) Employment

    1) Population control – There is no system to control population in our country.people should be educated and benefits should be given to people to promote population control.
    2) Education – There should be schools in each corner of the country. Standard of education should be higher and more centers should be opened, which should become center of excellence.
    3) Employment- This is a big problem in our country. Even educated people are not getting jobs. To tackle this problem, more and more industries should be opened and industrial revolution should happen in India. We should have more production and R&D in our country.

    With widening gap between rich and poor, it is high time to think Are we really developing? Farmers suicides in AP and all other parts of country doesn’t show a good picture of the current conditions. Black money should be taken out from our economy and should be used for infrastructure and development. We need good leaders who can think beyond politics and truly desire to develop our country.

    Jai hind

  24. akshay Says:

    i think india cannot become a developed country
    bcoz in india corrumption is more than development it is very hard to become a india a developed in 2020

  25. n.prasanth Says:

    yours thing is well,,,,india s pride s dependend on the future generations youth….every youth should hold the responsibility to take care for the developement of the nations…

  26. niravsinh Says:

    Sir forget to mention Population problem, it is the biggest problem & mother of all bed things in India, first we need to get rid of this problem & other problems will become ease to be solved if population is perfect with less people & resources needs to be anticipated.

  27. sharmila Says:

    surely all the comments are good but if individual take steps only india will surely developed one.. for that we need students hand to raise…. jai hindh

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I really appreciate your opinion sir, it’s the best ever I read regarding this topic.

    Rabi Moirengjam
    Mobile – 7503696453

  29. Rabichandra Moirengjam Says:

    I really appreciate your opinion sir, it’s the best ever I read regarding this topic.

    Rabi Moirengjam
    Mobile – 7503696453

  30. karthick Says:

    In this conclusion is very nice and very wonderful. I am karthick . I study B.E computer science . You say that ” engineers are builders of nation”. From this time my aim is to became a scientics ion DRDO.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    india cn never b a developd country until n unless mantality of people changes

  32. Shardul,10th STD. Says:

    If India wants held the title of developed country till 2020,it has to do a whole baggage of work.First of all we must vote freely but the big question arises that WHOM SHOULD WE VOTE??? most of the politicians in India are corrupted and because of this people are unable to vote the right person.So the first task of our Indian people is to eradicate the corrupted politicians from their comfy chairs and aware people about their corruption in whole of the marketing system in India.So I think people awareness is the most important factor for the development of the country.Hence only hoping for the developed India in 2020 will not change our behavior,we all must strive hard for our beloved country !! Jai hind,jai bharat !!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    lets all keeep our hands together to make our country as a developed one

  34. Kunal Says:

    Beautiful Article man..!!

  35. Manali Says:

    You all who commented on this article have shown everything about what india needs but instead of this u all shud have written about what u have done for india.. This all things can be seen easily in our daily lives but what u r doing for india if shown to others will encourage all to do something for instead of just saying or prooving what india needs u all should say what u have done for india… Jai hind jai bharat

  36. nazir Says:

    hi, first of all we have eradicate the coruption from our country bcoz india is the second corruption country in the after germany then india wil be developed country till 2020 as think our father of missile

  37. the evil Says:

    hmmm i just pray so that india becomes a developed country in next 5 years….

  38. Irfan Says:

    B4 2020 ther are our politicians who r goin to make their films… I mean create riots between hindu muslims ther 4 no foreign investment .. Economy down indi a down from developing to under developing country.. Politicians developed civilians killed.. Education is the only solution for indias evry problem.. Which is not going to happen.. I olny wish this n all wont happen nd mu country be on the top of the world.. I love my land my mother india..

  39. vijay k, coimbatore Says:

    india can be a developed soon if black moneys are noted well from the politicians and SWISS and FOREIGN BANK money is taken back by the country by the acceptance in the parliament

  40. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to say that India is very corrupted. They never follows the law.

  41. mohan Says:

    I really proud to be an Indian I work hard to develop my nation……

  42. anuradha Says:

    I think that India will not developed in 2020 because unemployment , illiteracy , corruption are present this time and the growth of population increases day by day. These are the main factor in the obstacle of developed India. our politicians are more responsible because they don’t work for our country ,they only think their own profits. Due to this many scams and corruption is present. If the problem will be eradicate then I hope so India will developed in 2020. Thanks.

  43. akshaya Says:

    even now india is a developed nation and let us try to improve it more and keep it up in that way.

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